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Nature is directly connected with both Scientific Illustration and my approach to Printmaking. 

Environmental conservation has always been a cause dear to my heart. Science illustrators are passionate about the environment and the natural elements that surround them and, as such, they tend to be very aware of the importance of taking care of our planet and our species. That said, I took all of this into careful consideration when creating my packaging and shipping choices and have tried, as much as possible, to keep them as eco-friendly as possible, from the early stages of sketching a drawing for an illustration or a linoprint, until the moment it arrives to you. It's not always easy to find resources, but it's always a work in progress and something to keep improving. Let's take care of our beautiful Earth together!

Being a small business, I will also always work on small quantities of prints and limited editions, having in mind that they all have a bit of my heart and soul in them. All products are handmade and slightly different from each other, so when you buy a pice of my work, you are buying an unique piece of art.

Regarding the materials I use, I try to get them from responsible sources, searching for alternatives that have the least environmental impact possible but still not compromising the integrity and quality of my originals. It is still a work in progress, though. For printmaking, I have the same approach, using non-toxic oil based inks (except the colors gold, silver and copper) and paper that is made from natural sources. 

The packaging I use for shipping is all from recycled sources and recyclable. I'm also working on reducing it to the bare minimum without compromising quality or security, to ensure your orders will arrive at their new homes in perfect condition!

If you have any doubts or any suggestions on how to make this whole process more eco-friendly, please contact me via e-mail. Any new ideas will be most welcome!

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