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Snowy Trees Transparent
Carolina M Correia
Alcobaça, Portugal-1998

As an illustrator, my work has always revolved around nature and the natural world. For me, drawing and art are an extraordinary way of understanding the world around us and that is what I focus my work on - be it through Scientific Illustration, Field-sketching or Printmaking (the last two as a more creative and flexible outlet). I work primarily as a freelancer Scientific Illustrator and I have an online Etsy shop where I sell my lino and woodcut prints. Nature is always my inspiration, my starting point and even where you'll find me recharging my batteries, whether I'm going on a field-sketching trip or on a hike with my doggo and friends.

Education wise, I finished high-school in Science and Technology but then decided to pursue a bachelor degree in Drawing at the Fine-Arts College at Lisbon University. Here, I learned the art fundamentals and subjects, like digital drawing and painting, a bit of animation and 3D modelling, portraiture and figure drawing, printmaking and anatomical drawing. Being a Biology and Drawing lover, Scientific Illustration was always fascinating to me, so I did a three year training course in Scientific Illustration and Nature Drawing with Pedro Salgado at the Lisbon's Science and Natural History Museum. There I learned all the different techniques and perfected them.

Since 2019 I've been working as a freelancer and finding my place in the art world.

In 2019 I took part in the exhibition Drawing Room: Desenhos pela cidade as a finalist from my Bachelor degree and in Illustrare: Journeys through scientific illustrations in Portugal, currently open at the Lisbon's Science and Natural History Museum. 

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