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Snowy Trees Transparent

Scientific Illustration


Nature Drawing



Drawing helps you understand Nature and

Scientific Illustration helps you explain it

Scientific Illustration is about putting art at the service of science and explaining it in the best way possible. However, it also strides to achieve pleasant and aesthetic images that people enjoy and that are easy to read.

For a naturalist, the best way to understand Nature's complex and beautiful mechanisms is to draw them and make them simple through images.

Printmaking is the oldest technique to share art

and art is meant to be shared

Printmaking has always had the concept of reproduction associated to its definition. A block can usually produce several original prints. In the past, it allowed for a cheaper way to reproduce paintings and artworks and make them more accessible. However, it has evolved into an art form of its own and, nowadays, printmaking represents craftsmanship and skill that can thrive on its own with its own visual languages.

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